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5 Important things you need to know before Designing your Website

In today’s website design, optimal functionality and performance are all key elements that enable a website’s sole purpose of design and installation to be manifested. There are many rules of “No-go”. Today, I will give you five important rules of thumb to observe so as to ensure that  your website performs well.

Website Development and Design in Uganda

Website Designing & Development in Uganda Lagging

By Henry Lubang-Musoke

By far, it is shocking when one takes a quick look at the professionalism and quality of Web designs that come from Website Designing companies and gurus from Uganda. It’s very obvious to see that this field is still young and immature. The quality of websites for top notch government entities alone can leave one wondering. Just take a look at many of the Government owned websites with an extension ( is an extension that stands for Government of Uganda), you will be left in shock.

How to Have an “Alive” Website

These days, having a website on the World Wide Web is one thing, and then getting it to be “Alive” and NOT “Dead” is another thing all together. By far, it is imperative to note that it takes much time and effort to have a site stay alive on a procured domain, a process many refer to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM or SEO).

Make your Business Publicly known!

As you plan on starting your business, one thing you need to know for sure is that your you business will only get to be know out there if you make it public. Making a business public may involve a whole lot of stuff, but the easiest nowadays is having it shown on any of the social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, google, Vimeo, Reddit, Pinterest, and many others.